Polish man becomes first to ski down K2


Andrzej Bargiel became the first man to summit the dangerous K2 then ski down the its face last month.

The Polish daredevil summited the Himalayan monster without the use of supplement oxygen, an insane feat in itself. He then threw on his skis and made the treacherous descent back to base camp in seven hours.

Andrzej Bargiel Skis K2 from Ash Routen on Vimeo.

K2 stands at 8611m, making it the world’s second highest mountain after Mount Everest. However, unlike Everest – which over 4000 people have summited – just over 320 have enjoyed the views on top of K2.

Bargiel attempted the challenge last year, but was thwarted by inclement weather on the hunk of rock nicknamed Savage Mountain. A total of 77 people have died on K2’s slopes since it was first summited in 1954.